Tandådalen November 2021

Went up in early November to make sure everything still looked ok. It rained all the way up and also continued to rain all night.

The next day it did not rain, but it was really foggy. On the shadow side of the mountain there was some snow left.

Went out in the fog and took a walk to Hemköp for some shopping. Took a picture against Tandådalsbackarna with the campsite in the foreground.

On the way back we saw that there were some caravans in the forest next to the cottages that belong to SIF (Sälens IF?). We were unsure if the mini-camping existed last year.

Ate lunch after the walk and then we put puzzles together for a while.

Then we went to Anna and Togge’s bar to offer them some Jägermeister from the large bottle with the accompanying pump, which we bought at Calles in Rostock.

After a bit of hanging out at the bar, it was dinner and lazing in front of the TV.

The next day the sun shone from a blue sky.

We took the car up to Högfjället to walk a bit on the southern Kungsleden, which runs between Högfjället and Storlien. A distance of about 350 km. However, we thought we would be content to go to Östfjällstugan, which is just over 4 km. (The original Kungsleden, which is about 450 km, runs in the Swedish mountains between Abisko and Hemavan.)

When you cross the tree line on Östfjället, it is quite barren. It is a constant ascent, but it is a wide walkway that is even paved for the first 2 kilometers.

A little further up it was a thin blanket of snow. You can see that it was foggy / cloudy in the valley beyond Flatfjället.

Even though it was just a thin blanket of snow up on Östfjället, someone had managed to build a snowman. After going uphill for about 3 km, the road started to go downhill.

After a while we glimpsed Östfjällstugan, which is located next to a small lake.

There were quite a lot of people, but we found a sunny coffee place on the stairs to the cottage.

After sitting in the sun and having coffee, we went back to Högfjället. As you can see, the walkway was quite wide. Is a little steeper the first kilometer when you walk from Östfjällstugan..

Took a brief look at a distance board, which stands at the start, before we went to the car. We had parked the car some distance from the start of the trail, so in total it was about 10 km walk. In the evening we went to the campsite pub and had dinner.

The next day was also fair weather, so we took a walk up in the areas around Myrflodammen.

After walking about 5 km we were back at the campsite. There we made a late lunch that was eaten out in the sun.

The next morning we saw that the first November snow had made a thin layer on the ground.

Took a walk to the track center and planned to continue around Kalven, but it was still far too wet. Continued on the electric light track instead, but it was not that much better. At times, however, it looked like the picture above. In any case, it was a walk of just over 4.5 km.

After the walk we took out the puzzle mat and continued with the puzzle for a few hours. Then it was Netflix and SVT Play the rest of the day.

The next day we went down to ICA Kvantum in Lindvallen for some food shopping.

It was nice weather so we walked around a bit on and off the campsite. Everything was as deserted as the snow-covered parking lot for hotel guests. On the slopes, the snow cannons were in full swing.

Down by the chairlift (MIO express), snow production was also underway. Went back to the camper and watched a bit of Netflix, after the walk.

Just as promised, the wind increased in the evening and it also started to snow.

The next morning we had to shovel a path to the service house.

Got to shovel away snow around the car as well.

Went away and fetched up the scooter from the summer storage. It was just a matter of setting it up for the time being, and waiting for the snowmobile trails to be prepared. After a while the wind calmed down and the snowfall stopped, I think there was about 10cm of snow. Unfortunately, the temperature rose and there were small showers with drizzle.

When it was time to go home, it had thawed a lot and it was degrees above zero outside. Although there is a saying that the snow should settle 3 times before it really gets winter, so it was a bit as expected …

Stopped as usual at Fänforsen for coffee. Looked current and cold. Apart from the fact that road 70 was closed for a short distance, due to a truck that drove into the ditch and leaked diesel, the journey home went without mishaps. Stayed 7 nights in the motorhome during the month of November.