About us

  • Burg Eltz

We have been campers all our adult lives. From always camping in tents, we bought our first caravan in 1984, the year our son was born. After a number of years with caravans, we bought our first motorhome in 2002. We are now in our third motorhome. It is many years since our children created their own homes. The two of us like to travel around by motorhome, not just in Sweden. When we go out, we always have the golf clubs with us. If we feel like playing a round, we check in the golfhaftet for courses nearby (preferably with a line-up for motorhome / caravan).

In the winter, we now have the motorhome set up for winter camping, but the best time for winter camping is after New Year (we think). So we try to go abroad for a week (preferably in November). Have been to several places, but rarely to the same place 2 times. It has not been due to something being wrong / bad, we are just curious about new places. But when we travel with the motorhome, it is different, there we have some favorites that we are happy to return to.

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