Autumn trip w.36

We had decided that Bettan would start her life in retirement with a motorhome trip.Some of the destinations were given, as she has some favorites. Unfortunately, it was not possible to go in the Ahr Valley, as it was hit by huge floods in mid-July.(It will be years before everything is restored.) At least we were hoping to experience a little warmer weather than at home and avoid heavy raining on our trip. We had, already in June, both received 2 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 so the Covid certificate was in the Kivra app on our mobiles. On Sunday 5 September, we started our late summer trip by going to Mariestad. We knew that several campsites close last September, so the plan was to be back in early October. We chose to go over Örebro, because the road over Stockholm never goes faster, whatever the GPS says. The weather was overcast most of the way, but no rain. When we arrived in Mariestad we went to the mobile parking lot in the outer harbour. Parked our motorhome and then took a little walk.

In the marina it appeared that the temperature was well below 20 degrees and that all vacations were over, since almost all pleasure crafts where in the harbour.

Took a picture from above as well.

It was less than 300 km from home to Mariestad.

On Monday, we sat and circled possible destinations on the Map of Germany.Then we went to Mariestad Golf Club.

We got a nice spot with a view of Lake Vänern.

The floor in the toilet/shower room had started to creak (after 6 years), but we had an idea of how it was fixed. Someone (Bettan) had to crawl in and tighten the wood screws that hold the floor in place. It worked according to plan: the floor went quiet.

When Gittan and Pelle arrived, we sat outside and talked. Took a picture from above on the lineup.

The weather was nice, so you could see the sun go down.

Isn’t so far distance between the outer harbour and Mariestads GK.

Got a nice round of golf the following day, with nice weather. Afterwards we sat out eating Onsala sausage and Parmesan cheese. It was windy so we cranked out the awning and put up the windshield. We sat under the awning and had dinner. Then it was an early night.

Took a photo of our line-up before heading towards Caravan-Svensson in Lidköping, where we looked for a new lock for our table in the motorhome. There was no lock that fit, so after shopping in a grocery store we went on to the motorhome park at Bengt in Örkelljunga. We walked across the street to Old Mike’s Diner where we had dinner. Later we sat outside the motorhomes and talked until bedtime.

When the store opened on Wednesday, we got a new lock for the table, which Einar screwed in place. Filled the gas canisters, at gasolesset, before we went to Helsingborg.

We got up on the deck and snapped a photo as we were on our way to Helsingør. Not visible in the picture, but a larger pleasure boat was in the way of the ferry we went on and there was a lot of honking for a while.

Stopped at Farø and had coffee, in the shade (was quite warm outside).

While we were sitting there, an ambulance helicopter landed in the parking lot. But the helicopter crew just sat outside and talked.

When we left Farø and continued towards Rødby we met an ambulance at high speed, it was probably the one the helicopter was waiting for.

In Rødby we ended up first in the queue for the ferry towards Puttgarden.

The journey went on without problems so we ended up at the motorhome lot in Heiligenhafen where we stayed for the night. Unfortunately, it was a bit chaotic there, as their booking/payment system did not work. Could not access toilet/shower and power. Managed to check in to the locations via the Luca app on the mobiles, but it made no difference. It was nice and warm, so there was no need for us. We stayed outside until it was dark and the mosquitoes started coming.

This days journey was about 350 km.

The next day we went to the golf club Hochwacht. Only 1 motorhome was parked there when we arrived, so there was plenty of space

We stood on either side of a small ”ridge”. We turned out the awning, because it was raining a little bit. Got golf time just after noon, so there was no hurry.

We actually had decent weather most of the time, were a bit hazy and rained at the beginning of the round. It was hot outside, so the rain didn’t bother.

Towards the end of the round it was sunny and really warm.

After a shower and dinner, we sat outside until it started to get dark. A thunderstorm lit up the sky from time to time far away, out over the Baltic Sea. It was so far away that the thunder didn’t reach us.

Only a short trip this day.

The next morning it was hazy.

It seemed to be competition day with different activities. At the driving range stood a large inflatable dartboard, in the middle of the photo, which one could shoot balls on.

We packed up and headed for Hameln. Had decided that we would avoid the Autobahn.

In the beginning we went through small cozy villages and between them there were green leaf tunnels.

After a while it became, not entirely unexpectedly, ”stau” and it became a much slower pace. We were still impressed that everyone always left a lane in the middle between the cars, for rescue vehicles.

At least the traffic floated quite nice until we got to Hachmühle. The road to Hameln had been closed. Now it got a little messy as we tried to find a good way that was open.

At last we got to Hameln. The first site we went to was full, so we headed for the next one. It is located outside campingplatz Hameln, and was also full.

But the camping host moved tables and chairs away from a small outdoor terrace and said that there we could stand. Fitted ok and even got an electrical connection.

We decided to order pizza for pick-up, in the restaurant. Just had room for chairs and tables between the motorhomes.

The pizzas were great, and incredibly good. It was a bit sleepish after dinner, so it was an early night.

Travelled more than 370 km this day.

The next day it was a bit hazy and the rain hung in the air as we went into the old town for some sightseeing.

We were able to glimpse part of the motorhome lot as we crossed the bridge.

On the other side we saw a footbridge, which had embellishment that had to do with the city’s most famous fairy tale. (There’s a gilded rat at the top of the bridge span.)

It was Sunday, so only the restaurants were open. But we just wanted to go around and have a look at the old town center. Several of the paving stones looked like the one in the photo above.

There´s a trail with rats out of the old town.

We wondered if all the bells on the house at the square were just decoration or if they actually rang sometimes.

In a store, which unfortunately was closed, you could buy these potions.

Took another route back to the motorhome and then passed the European place.

It is located opposite Hameln’s concert and congress hall, which of course has been dubbed ”Rat Catcher Hall”.

Then continued the journey through small villages surrounded by forests and cornfields.

Stopped in Hünfeld, where we took in at Knaus Campingpark, after first trying to stand in the motorhome lot outside the campsite. The place tilted so much that we gave up.The campsite is located next to a golf course, which we have played many times. Unfortunately, Golfclub Hofgut Praforst was not in the golf booklet, so we did not plan a round of golf there.

We travelled a couple of kilometers that day too.