Tandådalen October 2021

The golf season, in Sweden, was basically over according to us. So now it was time to prepare for winter camping. Took the opportunity to go up to Tandådalen when the weather was nice.

The trip up went well and the sun shone on us almost all the way. When we passed Lima we saw that the weather over Dalafjällen was not as nice. There were actually small snowflakes falling down when we drove into the campsite.

The following day was sunny and a few degrees above zero, but a bit windy. As usual, we used our hydraulic support legs to be able to support the motorhome, so that it stood horizontally. Then we used supports and jacks to relieve the wheels. When it was ready, it was time to assemble our wodden deck.

When the deck also was in horizontal balance, it was time to cover the wheelhouse that ends up inside the tent (otherwise it will blow in snow that way).

We both did a good job, and managed to get the tent up before it got dark.

The next day it was overcast and very windy, but we still took the opportunity to take a walk. The car park at Tandådalstorget was quite empty and the slopes had only a few small patches of snow.

Went to Hundfjället and checked how far they have come with the Skistar Lodge, which should be ready in December 2021.

Was quite snow-poor in Hundfjället as well. On the way back to the campsite, we passed the café located in Tandådalen’s mountain church and bought some of their large and delicious buns.

After lunch and coffee, we finished the last parts, so that the camper was prepared for a new winter season up in Tandådalen.

The next day was really dull in terms of weather with fog, a few degrees above zero and later in the afternoon strong winds with heavy rain showers. There was no pity about us because broadband and router are included in the camping fee. So it was just to sit down on the ”TV couch”.

If you get tired of watching TV, there is always something else to do.

When it was time to go home, it was at least not raining any more.

The traditional walk up the family slope must in any case be completed before the journey home. The picture above was taken after a short walk.

It was a difficult walk, but in the end this sign was in sight.

Nice view when you go down the big slope, but it is very steep.

It is possible to get a nice view of the campsite even without the drone. In total, it was only about 3.5 km walk, but the difference in height of 225 meters made it quite difficult at times.

After a quick shower and lunch, it was just to put the last things in the car and drive home.

Stopped at Fänforsen for coffee, then we continued the journey home in as nice weather as we had when we went up. Stayed 4 nights in the motorhome during the month of October.