Tandådalen April 2022

Did not get so many trips to Tandådalen in April. The month started with a funeral and then we had started the renovation of our shower room. However, we decided to go up over Easter. Went up on Maundy Thursday. Got away quite late, but it turned out to be a good idea because there was unexpectedly little traffic.

On Good Friday, Einar did som crosscountry skiing and went around Kalven. Lots of eager downhill skiers made real lift queues already early in the morning.

Then we went and watched when the ski school ended, with a tug of war between teachers and students. Of course, the students won.

We were offered waffles at Anette and Hasse. Was really nice to just sit and take it easy out in the spring sun. Sandra, Stefan and Wilma had been out on the children’s slope in the morning, after Wilma had finished ski school.

On Easter evening, Einar was first in the lift queue and had some really lovely rides before there were queues in the lifts and rides on the slopes. Sandra and Wilma stayed in Familjebacken and he had a few rides with them before it was time for Easter lunch.

We had a Easter lunch outside Sandra and Stefan’s motorhome, and there was food so that it was enough and left over. Since it was basically windless and the sun was warm, we sat for quite a few hours before it was time to set the table.

The weather was just as nice on Easter day, so Einar went around Kalven again. Sandra, Stefan and Wilma had some skiing on the slopes.

We had considered leaving the motorhome and going up later to pick it up, but even though our car was a plug-in hybrid, the high fuel prices were still noticeable. So we decided that it was time to end the winter season in Tandådalen. After lunch we started by tearing down the tent and putting all the carpets to dry in the sun. (We had taken down the winter blanket in front of the front the day before.) The floor was also dismantled and moved to the side. Then we hoisted up the camper and removed all the pallets.

The next day we took down all the pallet and put it inside the floor. Then we went to Cirkle K in Lindvallen and rented a snowmobile trailer. Thought the snowmobile trails were so muddy that there was no point in trying to drive the snowmobile down to the summer storage. Also took the opportunity to have lunch at Max hamburger restaurant in Lindvallen.

The motorhome started nicely and we left the campsite for this season. Stayed only 4 nights in the motorhome during the month of April.

Stopped and had coffee at Fänforsen. Got away quite late even when it was time to go home, but just like when we went up it made us let go of the queues.

The winter season 2021-2022 did not turn out at all as we had imagined for various reasons. Despite that, there were still 48 nights in the motorhome. We had many really wonderful winter days up in Tandådalen, so we were still pleased with the season.

Tandådalen March 2022

Sad things had happened that made it impossible for us to go up to Tandådalen until the latter half of March. Nice weather all the way up. The roads were quite wet because the snow along the roads melted at a fast pace. Unpacked when we arrived and then went and put the car on charge. There was not much snow to clear away, so it was removed before the car was fully charged.

Near the charging posts is a pine tree, on which they really had scooped lights.

After a gloomy day, the sun came back. Got a little downhill skiing in Tandådalen. Not so many people on the slopes and then, of course, short lift queues. The picture above was taken towards the Off Pist area.

In the afternoon we could sit behind the camper with a drink.

Crosscountry skiing around ”Kalven” several times during the stay, and there were a lot of people who had went to ”Lindalen’s fäbod” for coffee and waffles.

Ate lunch out in the sun, because it was really warm and nice.

In the picture above you can see that the sun has started to thaw the snow around the motorhome. Unfortunately we had to go home, although it was still nice weather, because the craftsmen would start the renovation of our shower room at home.

We decided to take Vasaloppsvägen home. We were once again amazed by the bridge over the Österdalälven river at Oxberg, where car traffic share a bridge with the trains. Apparently, trains passes twice a day over the bridge, and then it is blocked off for car traffic. The weather was just as nice all the way home, and it was really hot outside.
For various reasons, there were only 5 overnight stays in the motorhome during the month of March.

Tandådalen February 2022

In mid-February, it was time to go up again. We had, finally, got rid of the colds we got the last time we went up. It rained on us the first part, but then it cleared up and the last part was real winter roads. The traffic was rather light since it was a Tuesday.

When we arrived, it had been plowed in our place, but unfortunately there had been 10 cm of snow after the plowing. We unloaded the car and then went down and put it on charge. Then we had work for a few hours clearing snow. Took such time because there was meter-high snow around some parts of the motorhome.

There was about 10 cm of snow the night before Wednesday, so after watching the broadcasts from the Winter Olympics, it was time to clear away more snow. When we were done, we also removed snow from the tents of several of our neighbors. Then it was time for lunch. We definatelly have had a lot of exercise since we got up.

In the evening we went to ”grå byn”, where Eva had rented an apartment for herself and the children. Had a lot to talk about and it turned out to be a nice evening. (The pandemic had caused that we had not been able to meet for a long time.)

On Thursday we had a day with lots of sun, so we took the opportunity to take the snowmobile up the mountain and travel to Hemfjällstugan. (Noticed that it must have been snowing heavily the last days, the tracks were quite snowy and slippery.)

Ordered two bowls of their delicious goulash soup.

Had snowed and blown so that everything that protruded from the snow was really snowy. The figure in the foreground, on the left, is actually a track marking.

The weather was fine also on Friday, so Einar went out on the slopes together with Eva, Linus and Ida.

We offered sausages for lunch, outside the motorhome. Afterwards we moved the chairs out in the sun and sat and just had a good time.

In the evening we went to the apartment that Eva had rented. We brought a take away box from Mezzo which contained a raclette iron and all the accessories needed. We were afraid that the food would not be enough, but there was quite a lot left over, although it was delicious.

On Saturday the weather was absolutely fantastic and there was a lot of downhill skiing in Hundfjället. Eva, Ida and Linus in the picture above. In the far right, the Norwegian mountains can be seen.
We ate a joint lunch at Burgers and Bowls in Hundfjället.
Then there were a few more rides in Tandådalen.

On Sunday it was also fantastic weather, so it was time for a some downhill skiing. Since it is ”cottage change day” on Sundays, it was very empty in both slopes and lifts.

Einar took the opportunity to crosscountry ski around Kalven in the afternoon, as they had promised heavy snowing and also wind the following day. (Took a while to thaw the beard.)

Had really snowed and blew during the night and the snowing continued all day. After breakfast we removed a lot of snow and then we sat down on the TV couch and used the broadband that was included in the camping fee. Towards the evening it started to get really windy and it felt good to sit inside a cozy motorhome.

On Tuesday it had calmed down and the sun was visible. Einar took the crosscountry skies around ”Kalven” in the late morning and then we had lunch.

In the afternoon it was a little more overcast, but still almost windless. Went away a bit from the campsite and took a photo from 50 m altitude.

When it was time to go home, we both agreed on that it has been many really nice days this turn. The journey home was made on well-salted wet roads and the car was anything but clean. From the time we entered Västmanland, the roads were poorly plowed and very muddy the rest of the way. The only exception was E4. Noticed that it had been a real snowstorm at home, kind neighbors had shoveled away several decimetres of snow from the path to our door.

We had, unfortunately, only 8 nights in the motorhome during the month of February.

Tandådalen January 2022

After celebrating the new year at home we went up to Tandådalen. It was soaked and slender on the roads.

Stopped and took a ”fast food meal” at Burger King in Borlänge, which is situated just along the road and also has charging posts. A little further away there are Tesla charging posts. Just a few of them were free when we were there.

Though the sun went down, one could see that at least it was winter.

It was hazy and drizzle when we came up to the campsite. But weather forecasts had predicted that the temperature would lower, so we took the opportunity to remove most of the wet snow that remained after the tractor has plowed our spot.

Was significantly colder the next day. Were a lot of people who has went up to the Dala mountains, and thus also long lift queues. We decided to just walk around a little, and then saw some charging stations that were even closer to the campsite. They were administered by mer, which Einar had ordered a RFID washer from. It was a small jungle with payment solutions to load electric car / charge hybrid (if you did not have a Tesla). We had 6 different apps in the phones plus a RFID washer and a charging card and thus imagined that we covered most suppliers. One positive thing, however, was that you could charge for free at IKEA, ICA (for 2 hours) and at many shopping centers.

In the evening, it was obvious that there were quite a few who had come up to the campsite.

Following day it was time to wail the cross-country skies.

In the evening, a little hang out at our neighbours bar. Was really cold outside, so you got to dress properly.

Sunny and cold the following day, so it was time for the first cross-country trip of the year (and season). Fine tracks and when you came out on open spaces, you had to enjoy the January sun that shone on everyone who was out.

In the evening there were clouds that reflected the sun, which was on the way down. We had charged the car at one of Mer’s charging posts and noted that it performed well. Took just over 2 hours to get the car fully charged compared to 4.5 hours at the charging posts behind ICA.

During the night we had about 10cm fresh snow, though it was minus 10 degrees. Went the ”Kalven runt” again, but the tracks were unfortunately quite bad (think they had done the tracking before the snowfall was over). Though it was possible to enjoy a really nice winter landscape and considerably less people than before.

Even more snow next night, so the day started with a little more snow removal. Since they had prepared the snowmobile trails, we tested that the scooter worked as expected. However, only an extremely short turn. We just wanted to check that the scooter felt ok after the change of drive belt, however, it was still shouting a little at the idle.

Went to ICA and shopped at the aftermath. Took the way past the slopes and it was much less skiers, but also poor visibility. So no downhill this day.
Went home a couple of days later.

Went up again at the end of the month, was sloppy and wet most of the way. Had heard that it rained and was really windy a couple of days earlier, but now it was minus 5 degrees and a little powder snow on the ground.

The next day it was nice weather and then it was time for a bit cross-country skiing. Went around Kalven and also took a turn in Pulsenslingan. Became in total close to 18 km cross-country skiing.

Good weather also the following day, so it was time for this seasons first downhill skiing. It was Sunday and then there are usually not that many people on the slopes. Still felt a bit spooky as it was sometimes completely empty on the slopes.

Since Sandra, Stefan and Wilma had rented a cottage nearby, we met at the children’s slope. Although Wilma was not yet 3 years old, she could still ride the button lift herself (just needed a little help to get set).

A little support when going downhill was also needed.

After lunch, there was time to test Wilma´s snowracer on a nice hill a short distance away.

Good speed down the hill.

Though it was probably the most fun to ride with someone.

Wilma had a ride on our snow mobile, but the trails were so bumpy that it was only a short ride.

In the evening we were invited to Anette and Hasse. After a few hours of pleasant company, we went home to the camper for a lazy end of the day.

The next day it was really nice weather so it was a ride in the cross-country trails. First ”Kalven runt” and Einar then continued a bit further and got together 18 km (at a fairly calm pace).

After lunch in the camper, we finished the puzzle, which we started on in November.

When the weather was fine, we went to Trollskogen with Wilma. Then we went to the restaurant Lyktan and had some hot chocolat.

Saw that the fog was dense over Tandådalen when we got out from the restaurant.

At lower altitudes it was foggy even on Hundfjället. Then went down to Burgers and Bowls where we all had lunch together.

After lunch the fog had eased, so we had some nice rides before we went back to Tandådalen. Had some more nice rides and then went back to the camper.

One of the days with sun and blue sky, we went to one of the windbreaks that lie along the track that goes around Kalven. There we made a fire, and then we grilled some sausages on the fire.

The next day it was a bit sad weather with heavier wet snow, which we had to shovel away. Also started to blow really hard in the evening, it was the storm Malik that gave us wind gusts around 26 m/s.

Last of January it was time to go home. By then the wind had calmed down, but the temperature had dropped to minus 14 degrees. Stayed at Fänforsen and had lunch.
Stayed 17 nights in the motorhome during the month of January.

Tandådalen December 2021

In mid-December, we finally had the opportunity to go up to the camper again. The move of Einar´’s mother to another home had taken significantly more time and above all more energy than we could have imagined. There had been an innumerable number of car journeys, some with trailers. In addition, lots of phone calls and emails that had to do with the move, but now we finally saw the end of that activity. Unfortunately, our old Saab had decided to slowly but surely collapse, and we had to get a replacement a little earlier than planned. The trip up with the new car went well, but it took a lot of washer fluid because at times it was really sticky on the road.

Cleared away some of the snow around the camper and took the opportunity to take a picture against the moon, which shone really bright.

Noticed that temperature around zero for a few days has left a fairly thin and icy snow cover. The picture above was taken the day after we got up, when we had removed more snow around and on the camper. Not visible in the picture but it was extremely windy and it was really slippery where it was not sand on the road.

Since the new car was a charging hybrid, we looked for charging stations nearby, to be able to test how it worked.

The slopes were open but the cross-country trails were not passable (not even the ones that Skistar started to take charge for). The strong wind and the fact that the temperature was really going down made us decide that it was better to go home for Christmas a little earlier than we had planned.

The morning before we left for home, we took a picture from above.

Stopped in Borlänge for a fast food lunch and took the opportunity to charge the car. As you can see in the picture, the car had become quite dirty on the way up. Although we left in good time, it was dark when we got home. Stayed 3 nights in the motorhome during the month of December.

Tandådalen November 2021

Went up in early November to make sure everything still looked ok. It rained all the way up and also continued to rain all night.

The next day it did not rain, but it was really foggy. On the shadow side of the mountain there was some snow left.

Went out in the fog and took a walk to Hemköp for some shopping. Took a picture against Tandådalsbackarna with the campsite in the foreground.

On the way back we saw that there were some caravans in the forest next to the cottages that belong to SIF (Sälens IF?). We were unsure if the mini-camping existed last year.

Ate lunch after the walk and then we put puzzles together for a while.

Then we went to Anna and Togge’s bar to offer them some Jägermeister from the large bottle with the accompanying pump, which we bought at Calles in Rostock.

After a bit of hanging out at the bar, it was dinner and lazing in front of the TV.

The next day the sun shone from a blue sky.

We took the car up to Högfjället to walk a bit on the southern Kungsleden, which runs between Högfjället and Storlien. A distance of about 350 km. However, we thought we would be content to go to Östfjällstugan, which is just over 4 km. (The original Kungsleden, which is about 450 km, runs in the Swedish mountains between Abisko and Hemavan.)

When you cross the tree line on Östfjället, it is quite barren. It is a constant ascent, but it is a wide walkway that is even paved for the first 2 kilometers.

A little further up it was a thin blanket of snow. You can see that it was foggy / cloudy in the valley beyond Flatfjället.

Even though it was just a thin blanket of snow up on Östfjället, someone had managed to build a snowman. After going uphill for about 3 km, the road started to go downhill.

After a while we glimpsed Östfjällstugan, which is located next to a small lake.

There were quite a lot of people, but we found a sunny coffee place on the stairs to the cottage.

After sitting in the sun and having coffee, we went back to Högfjället. As you can see, the walkway was quite wide. Is a little steeper the first kilometer when you walk from Östfjällstugan..

Took a brief look at a distance board, which stands at the start, before we went to the car. We had parked the car some distance from the start of the trail, so in total it was about 10 km walk. In the evening we went to the campsite pub and had dinner.

The next day was also fair weather, so we took a walk up in the areas around Myrflodammen.

After walking about 5 km we were back at the campsite. There we made a late lunch that was eaten out in the sun.

The next morning we saw that the first November snow had made a thin layer on the ground.

Took a walk to the track center and planned to continue around Kalven, but it was still far too wet. Continued on the electric light track instead, but it was not that much better. At times, however, it looked like the picture above. In any case, it was a walk of just over 4.5 km.

After the walk we took out the puzzle mat and continued with the puzzle for a few hours. Then it was Netflix and SVT Play the rest of the day.

The next day we went down to ICA Kvantum in Lindvallen for some food shopping.

It was nice weather so we walked around a bit on and off the campsite. Everything was as deserted as the snow-covered parking lot for hotel guests. On the slopes, the snow cannons were in full swing.

Down by the chairlift (MIO express), snow production was also underway. Went back to the camper and watched a bit of Netflix, after the walk.

Just as promised, the wind increased in the evening and it also started to snow.

The next morning we had to shovel a path to the service house.

Got to shovel away snow around the car as well.

Went away and fetched up the scooter from the summer storage. It was just a matter of setting it up for the time being, and waiting for the snowmobile trails to be prepared. After a while the wind calmed down and the snowfall stopped, I think there was about 10cm of snow. Unfortunately, the temperature rose and there were small showers with drizzle.

When it was time to go home, it had thawed a lot and it was degrees above zero outside. Although there is a saying that the snow should settle 3 times before it really gets winter, so it was a bit as expected …

Stopped as usual at Fänforsen for coffee. Looked current and cold. Apart from the fact that road 70 was closed for a short distance, due to a truck that drove into the ditch and leaked diesel, the journey home went without mishaps. Stayed 7 nights in the motorhome during the month of November.

Tandådalen October 2021

The golf season, in Sweden, was basically over according to us. So now it was time to prepare for winter camping. Took the opportunity to go up to Tandådalen when the weather was nice.

The trip up went well and the sun shone on us almost all the way. When we passed Lima we saw that the weather over Dalafjällen was not as nice. There were actually small snowflakes falling down when we drove into the campsite.

The following day was sunny and a few degrees above zero, but a bit windy. As usual, we used our hydraulic support legs to be able to support the motorhome, so that it stood horizontally. Then we used supports and jacks to relieve the wheels. When it was ready, it was time to assemble our wodden deck.

When the deck also was in horizontal balance, it was time to cover the wheelhouse that ends up inside the tent (otherwise it will blow in snow that way).

We both did a good job, and managed to get the tent up before it got dark.

The next day it was overcast and very windy, but we still took the opportunity to take a walk. The car park at Tandådalstorget was quite empty and the slopes had only a few small patches of snow.

Went to Hundfjället and checked how far they have come with the Skistar Lodge, which should be ready in December 2021.

Was quite snow-poor in Hundfjället as well. On the way back to the campsite, we passed the café located in Tandådalen’s mountain church and bought some of their large and delicious buns.

After lunch and coffee, we finished the last parts, so that the camper was prepared for a new winter season up in Tandådalen.

The next day was really dull in terms of weather with fog, a few degrees above zero and later in the afternoon strong winds with heavy rain showers. There was no pity about us because broadband and router are included in the camping fee. So it was just to sit down on the ”TV couch”.

If you get tired of watching TV, there is always something else to do.

When it was time to go home, it was at least not raining any more.

The traditional walk up the family slope must in any case be completed before the journey home. The picture above was taken after a short walk.

It was a difficult walk, but in the end this sign was in sight.

Nice view when you go down the big slope, but it is very steep.

It is possible to get a nice view of the campsite even without the drone. In total, it was only about 3.5 km walk, but the difference in height of 225 meters made it quite difficult at times.

After a quick shower and lunch, it was just to put the last things in the car and drive home.

Stopped at Fänforsen for coffee, then we continued the journey home in as nice weather as we had when we went up. Stayed 4 nights in the motorhome during the month of October.